Coping with Back Pain using Yoga and Psychology – Lesley Wood and Dr Daisy Best
Group facilitators
Dr Daisy Best is a Counselling Psychologist and runs her own private practice based in Stokesley where she provides therapy for people who have experienced injuries, trauma, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.  She also worked in an NHS pain service for five years where she specialised in helping adults to manage their back pain.  She is currently a university lecturer and has carried out research into the impact of domestic violence and chronic pain.
Lesley Wood is a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist and British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Stage 1 tutor who has been active in the region for a number of years. Lesley has taught yoga for stress management in industry and provided massage therapies and yoga classes to patients in Mental Health Hospitals, adult community classes and children in schools and nurseries.  She is based at the Earthbeat Centre offering a range of classes, treatments and therapies.
If you have any specific questions or you would like to find out more about this group, please contact Daisy on the above email address or on Tel. 07415592581 (please leave a message with your name and number and she will return your call).

To provide a programme that;

  • encourages engagement with movement
  • improves awareness of the body
  • improves awareness of the mind and body connection
  • provides practical and psychological strategies
  • is accessible for people with back pain/pain
  • is not currently being offered by the NHS
  • can continue once the programme has ended (yoga classes, follow up sessions)
  • is tailored to the requirements of the group
  • promotes relationships with others in the group within their local community
  • is not limited to people with long term, enduring chronic pain

£120 for six weeks (this will need to be paid during week 1 and we will accept a cheque or cash).

Programme content
Each session will begin with a Psychology session followed by yoga which complements the content of the session.
Week 1
Introduction and the impact of pain upon emotions – the way we think when in pain and the impact this has upon feelings.
Week 2
Theories of pain – how to close the ‘pain gate’ with activity, distraction, meaningful/pleasurable activities.
Week 3
Pacing activities – how our beliefs can influence our ability to pace activities.
Week 4
Identifying goals and ‘mental traps’ – thinking about what we want to achieve and recognising some of the unhelpful thoughts that can get in the way.
Week 5
Assertiveness – how we can gain support from others by letting them know how we think and feel.
Week 6
Reflections of the programme – what has been helpful and what needs to happen to make changes/maintain any changes made.

1 week (Week 1) of 2 hours per week plus 5 weeks (Week 2 to Week 6 inclusive) of 1.5 hours per week– Dates to be confirmed.

Yoga Space, Earthbeat Centre, Old Saltburn School, Marske Road Saltburn, TS12 1QA

What to bring?
Wear comfortable clothing (layers can be good as sometimes you may be warmer than other times).  Also, please bring reading glasses, if needed, as the completion and reading of documents is sometimes required.  Yoga mats and other yoga items will be provided.

What is required of you?
You will be expected to attend all sessions in order to gain maximum benefit and commitment will be required between sessions in which you will be asked to complete ‘homework’ practice.  Do not worry if you have never done yoga before.  The yoga practices are suitable for everyone’s needs regardless of age or ability and you will not be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with.





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